Swiss Pine Lake is a residential community of over 400 acres located on the thickly wooded slopes and ridges of Woody's Knob, a 4,000-foot mountain just southwest of Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Within the community are streams and waterfalls, a fifteen-acre lake, variety of wildlife, and numerous kinds of trees, shrubs and wildflowers.

The area was developed, beginning in 1959, by Dick and Hallet Geruso (The Swiss Pine Lake Corporation). From the first, the corporation has had a strong interest in building a beautiful community within a natural and unspoiled setting. At present there are more than one hundred homes of varied styles located on spacious sites. New residents, as well as those attracted to the community, will be interested in the following information.

The Community Association

The Swiss Pine Lake Community Association, a voluntary, non-profit organization of community property owners was formed in 1977. Its purposes are (1) to protect and preserve members' property investments as related to such common area as roads and parklands; (2) to provide a forum for researching and discussing common community problems; and (3) to implement community decisions through a recognized body. The Association is managed by a board of seven elected directors and holds its annual community-wide meeting each September.