Utilities and Other Services

Town of Spruce Pine Water Service, normal hours - 1-828-765-3000.
After hours emergency service - 1-828-765-3011

Aqua, NC Inc. Water Service - 1-877-987-2782 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Duke Energy, Customer Service - 1-844-388-7425.
Power Outages - 1-800-419-6356.

AT&T, Customer Service - 1-800-288-2020

Country Cablevision - 1-800-722-4074 (toll free)
1-828-682-4074 - main

Spectrum - 1-855-810-0182

AT&T - 1-844-383-4389

Residents are responsible for their own trash removal by employing a local person to haul it away or by taking it to the nearby convenience center on Altapass Highway.

Provided by the Parkway Fire & Rescue, a well trained and experienced unit located on nearby Route 226 just beyond Dale Road. The unit has maps of Swiss Pine Lake showing roads and house locations and is well acquainted with the area. The Fire Department also provides emergency services. Phone 911 for emergencies.

Provided by the Mitchell County Sheriff's Department - 1-828-688-3982
(if no answer 1-828-688-9974)

It is the Community Association's policy to keep all roads which it maintains as clear and safe as possible during periods of ice and snow in the winter months. To this end, the association has contracted with a local person to do this work.

Individual residents may also arrange to have their entranceways and drives cleared at their own expense by the same contractor if they wish. It should be understood that the contractor's responsibility is to clear all of the community's roads first, after which he will undertake work on private driveways as expeditiously as he can.

The Mitchell County Transportation Authority (MCTA) is a community transportation program dedicated to meet the transportation needs of Mitchell County residents. The community transit system can help residents get to work, go shopping, get to the pharmacy, in county as well as out-of-county medical appointments or whatever the need may be. MCTA also provides transportation services by contract to a number of human service agencies such as the Senior Center, day care centers, sheltered workshop, social services, and pre-school centers.
Telephone: 1-828-688-4715, extension 1630

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